Rune Factory 4S Collector's Box and Offical RF4S/RF5 Information Broadcast held on 4th of april !

Submitted by alternis on Wed, 04/03/2019 - 10:08

It was announced yesterday that Rune Factory 4 Special, releasing on 25/07/2019 in Japan, will be available in two editions . The regular edition will only include the game while the Collector's Box will include various goodies for Rune Factory fans (see the list below). At the time of writing they are priced at $44 and $80 respectively, though these prices are only confirmed for Japan and it is unknown if the collectors edition will be available overseas.

Rune Factory 4 Special Collector's Box

The box features:

  • A special box art drawn by Minako Iwasaki, the Character Designer of the Rune Factory series
  • An art book with concept arts from 2006 to 2019
  • Two "secret" CDs that include a live-action Drama with Rune Factory 4's characters
  • A download code to unlock the in-game event "Everyone in Swimsuits" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
  • The game

If you absolutely want to secure one and don't care about not having it in english, you can already pre-order one from the sellers on this page.

Good news for all Rune Factory fans, even those with a smaller purse this time !

A special annoucement broadcast will take place tomorrow (April 4th) at 20:00 Japan Time, meaning in the morning for most of America and around 13:00 for Europe. It will feature announcements for HAKAMA's upcoming titles Rune Factory 4S and 5, and some of the japanese voice actors of the game will be present. A summary will be written, so don't worry if you don't understand japanese or can't watch it !

The live will be available at these adresses: