Rune Factory 4S Broadcast Summary ! - Rune Factory 5 confirmed to release in 2020 in Japan !

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All times are given in GMT+2 !

13:00 : Live starts. The speakers are introducing themselves.

13:06 : Presentation of the regular and deluxe edition of the game.

They review all the goodies from the collector's box. The CDs contain a special Rune Factory 4 Live-Action Drama and the art book is 160-page long ! The Swimsuit "DLC" is pretty straightforward.

Rune Factory 4 special Collector Swimsuit DLC


13:13 : Contest on Twitter to win a Switch along with an autograph of one of the game's characters, but Japan-only.

13:15 : Retrospective on previous Rune Factory titles.

13:23 : "What's special about Rune Factory 4 Special ?"

  • HD GUI and better-looking textures
  • Romance special mode to play all love scenarios on one save
  • Hell mode multiplies damage by 4

See here for more info on the RF4Special features !


Rune Factory 4S screenshot


13:34 : Rune Factory 4 Special Gameplay !

Small dialogue changes but nothing dramatic. All textures look a lot cleaner.

You can now create way more than 3 save files.

14:45 : After A LOT of gameplay, trailer of the regular and collector's edition of Rune Factory 4 Special.

Rune Factory 5 confirmed to release in 2020 in Japan !

Rune Factory 4 Special Trailer:



You will get an in-game bonus if your Nintendo Switch contains Rune Factory 4S save data.