Rune Factory 4S Broadcast Summary ! - Rune Factory 5 confirmed to release in 2020 in Japan !

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All times are given in GMT+2 !

13:00 : Live starts. The speakers are introducing themselves.

13:06 : Presentation of the regular and deluxe edition of the game.

They review all the goodies from the collector's box. The CDs contain a special Rune Factory 4 Live-Action Drama and the art book is 160-page long ! The Swimsuit "DLC" is pretty straightforward.

Rune Factory 4S Collector's Box and Offical RF4S/RF5 Information Broadcast held on 4th of april !

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It was announced yesterday that Rune Factory 4 Special, releasing on 25/07/2019 in Japan, will be available in two editions . The regular edition will only include the game while the Collector's Box will include various goodies for Rune Factory fans (see the list below). At the time of writing they are priced at $44 and $80 respectively, though these prices are only confirmed for Japan and it is unknown if the collectors edition will be available overseas.

New RF4S Screenshots : Hell mode, Romance and Visual Tuning

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Rune Factory 4 Special was announced during february's Nintendo Direct, and will release on July 25th 2019 in Japan. The release date for western countries is still unknown.

We still have a few months to go before being able to visit Selphia once again, but HAKAMA released some information through screenshots and short interviews, so here goes !

The big boy/girl difficulty : Hell mode

Yoshifumi Hashimoto and Shirou Maekawa Hakama producer and co-producer interview translation

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HAKAMA staff Yoshifumi Hashimoto and Shirou Maekawa gave an interview in the Nintendo Life japanese magazine, mostly about Rune Factory 4S and 5.

It was graciously translated by u/nemurii, enjoy !

Q: What motivated you to found HAKAMA?